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Updated June 01, 2022

A Tennessee 30-day notice to quit (non-compliance) is used by a landlord to notify a tenant that a violation of the lease agreement in a way that causes damage has occurred. In most cases, the violation will be for something that is typically not considered too serious. The tenant will have 30 days after being served to remedy the breach unless otherwise stated in the lease agreement.

Laws T. C. A. § 66-7-109

How to Write

Before filling out this notice, be sure you understand the type of breach you tenant is violating as they will have 30 days from delivery to cure the breach. Complete the notice with the following information.

  • Date
  • Tenant’s names including any subtenants
  • Address of the tenant’s premises
  • Description of the violation (including the date it occurred and instructions on how to fix)
  • Address of the premises including a name if it has one
  • Landlord’s signature
  • Landlord’s telephone number
  • Date delivered to tenant