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Updated June 01, 2022

A Tennessee 14-day notice to quit (non-payment) is delivered to a tenant as official written notice of non-payment of rent. It will allow the tenant up to fourteen (14) days to remedy the rent after being served the notice. If the tenant fails to pay within that time frame, they will have to vacate on the 15th day or face eviction proceedings in court.

For failure to vacate, the landlord may obtain a detainer warrant to bring the tenant to court upon a date no less than six (6) days from the delivery of the warrant. During the court hearing, a tenant will have the chance to tell the judge their side of the story. If the tenant fails to show up for court, the landlord automatically wins and will have the right to vacate the tenant.

Laws T. C. A. § 66-28-505(a)(2)

How to Write

Enter the following information into the blank fields starting from top to bottom:

  • Tenant’s name (must include names if other tenants and subtenants)
  • Tenant’s address
  • Location (address) of tenant’s premises
  • Total amount of rent owed
  • landlord’s signature, phone number, and the date completed