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Updated June 28, 2022

An Oregon ten (10) / fourteen (14) day notice to quit is a letter regarding a material violation of a lease agreement by a tenant (any reason other than late rent). The landlord may issue this form in an effort to have the tenant cure the issue or vacate the premises by the end of the fourteen (14) day notice period.

2nd Violation – If this is the tenant’s second (2nd) time violating the lease in the same manner, within the last six (6) months, then the landlord shall have the option to cancel the lease altogether and give the tenant ten (10) days to move out of the property.

Laws –  O.R.S. § 90.392

How to Write

Download : Adobe PDF , Microsoft Word (.docx) or Open Document Text (.odt)

1 – Access The Quit Notice From This Page

The paperwork can be downloaded by using either the links above or the buttons associated with the preview image. Notice that three separate formats have been made available (PDF, Word, and ODT). This will allow you to work with either a PDF editing or word processing program (whichever is more compatible with your software environment). You may also print a PDF copy directly from an up-to-date browser to fill out manually

2 – Basic Information Should Be Recorded In The Heading

The return address that defines where this notice originated must be presented on the blank lines beneath the word “From” in the upper left-hand corner of the first page. The return address used should ideally consist of the full name of the Property Owner or Landlord, the street address where he or she receives mail, as well as the city, state, and zip code. Four lines have been provided so that if the property is owned by a company or corporation, then you can supply the legal name of the entity can be placed on the first line followed by the senders first and last name on the second line and the return address to the remaining two lines. The official date when this paperwork must be solidified. To do this, locate the word “Date” in the heading. Enter the month and calendar date on the first blank line then supply the corresponding two-digit year. Now, find the empty space between the word “Dear” and the bracketed label “Tenant’s Name.” Use this area to present the full name of each Tenant being addressed who has signed the violated lease. Make sure to refer to the concerned agreement so that each name you enter here is identical to the name of each signature tenant on the violated document. If more room is required, you may extend the area between “Dear” and “Tenant’s Name” to accommodate the information. 

3 – Define The Violation The Violation And Remedy

The first paragraph of this document will present two blank lines that precede the label “Violation.” You must give a description of how the Tenant(s) violated the lease on this blank line. Make sure to be as concise and definitive as possible. For instance, if there are any document numbers/titles associated with paperwork supporting the lease violation (i.e. a repair bill for property damage resulting from the Tenant’s actions/negligence), you may cite it in this area as well. The two paragraphs below the description will each have a corresponding checkbox. You must select one of these boxes by clicking (on screen) or manually filling it in to define the Tenant’s lease violation as a “First (1st) Violation” or a “Second (2nd) Violation.”

Choose the first checkbox if this notice concerns the Tenant’s “First (1st) Violation.” This means the Tenant has maintained the lease’s terms up until the actions you defined above occurred. Report the calendar date 14 days ahead of this notice as the deadline for the Tenant to correct the violation on the two blank lines after the words “…Ending On.” Then, document what the Tenant must do to effectively correct the problem to the satisfaction of the violated lease agreement and the Landlord/Property Owner. Finally, use the last two blank spaces to report the calendar date when the Tenant must vacate the premises if the Tenant does not remedy the violation. (Note: This termination date must be at least thirty days after the Tenant receives this notice. Mark the second checkbox if this is the Tenant’s “Second (2nd) Violation” of the lease. If the Tenant(s) has already been issued a notice to correct the lease violation and has not satisfied the actions the Landlord requires him or her to take so it may be corrected, then list the calendar date that is ten days from this paperwork’s delivery date using the two blank lines in this selection.

4 – This Document Must Be Signed And Its Delivery Verified

The Landlord or Property Manager sending this notice must sign his or her name on the blank line below the word “Sincerely.” The next document in this package is titled “Certificate Of Service.” This area must be filled out by the delivery agent of the notice above. He or she will make sure the above paperwork reaches its recipient and will use this section to document this delivery. The first items that must be filled out is the official delivery date or calendar date when the notice was successfully delivered. This date should be entered as the two-digit calendar day on the first blank space, the month on the second blank space, and the two-digit calendar year on the third blank space. Then name of the person who this notice was handed to by the delivery agent must be entered on the blank space after the words “…Served This Notice To.” One of the next three checkboxes must be marked by the delivery agent to indicate precisely how the document above has been delivered. The first checkbox statement will indicate it has been delivered to the intended recipient, the second checkbox statement documents a delivery to an appropriate adult in the intended Recipient’s household or workplace, and the third checkbox verifies the document’s delivery by first class mail addressed to the Tenant. The signature of the delivery agent must be presented on the “Signature” line at the end of the “Certificate Of Service” section.