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Updated June 01, 2022

A Nebraska 14/30 Day Notice to Quit (Non-Compliance) is a notice used when a tenant has either caused a material non-compliance or caused an action to affect the health and safety of the general public or other tenants on the property.

1st Offense – Tenant has 14 days to remedy the breach. The notice must include language which describes how the breach can be fixed, whether it be by repairs or payment. If the breach is not fixed within fourteen (14) days, the rental agreement will terminate within 30 days. If the tenant commits the same breach twice within 6 months the landlord can terminate the rental agreement with 14 days’ notice.

2nd Offense  – If the tenant has committed the same offense at least twice in the last six (6) months this notice may be used to cancel the lease. If this option is chosen then the tenant shall have fourteen (14) days to move-out.

Laws –  Neb.Rev.St. § 76-1431(1)

How to Write

This notice to quit consists of two (2) parts. The first actually being the notice to quit, which must be completed by filling in all the black fields and a signature. And the second being the Certificate of Service, which shows proof that the notice was delivered to the tenant.

Step 1 – Complete the first blank field by entering the tenant’s name and address

Step 2 – Enter a date, which cannot be any less than 30 days, that the rental agreement will terminate if the breach is not cured within 14 days.

Step 3 – Give a well-written description of the breach committed by the tenant including the date in which the breach occurred. You, the landlord, must also include how the tenant can fix the breach.

Step 4 – If the breach can be fixed via a payment, mark the checkbox and write in the amount the tenant must pay within 14 days. Enter a date in which the landlord may inspect the premises to ensure the breach is fixed (cannot be less than 14 days).

Step 5 – Date and sign the notice

Step 6 – Now that the notice is complete with all the information and a signature, mail a copy of the Certificate of Service to the tenant’s address.