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Updated June 01, 2022

A California 3-Day Notice to Quit is a letter used when the tenant breaches the rental agreement for something other than non-payment of rent. Curable breaches can involve circumstances such as un-permitted pets or people in the residence, failing to keep the residence sanitary, and other matters. If the tenant engages in illegal activity, the landlord may choose an incurable notice whereby the tenant has no option to remedy the situation and must vacate before the close of three days.

If the tenant does not cure their lease violation within three days and remains on the property, the landlord may proceed with filing an eviction at their local court.

Laws Cal. C. C. P. § 1161(3)

How to Write

Step 1 – The California Three-Day Notice To Perform or Quit may be obtained as either a PDF or Word file by selecting one of the buttons on the right labeled “PDF” or “Word” (respectively).

Step 2 – The top of the page must be filled out by the Preparer of this document. Typically this will be an Agent or Broker. The Preparer’s Full Name must be reported on the blank space labeled “Agent Broker.” The Preparer must also fill in the blank spaces labeled “Phone” and “Email” with his or her “Phone” and “Email.”

Step 3 – On the blank space labeled “Date,” report the Calendar Date of this document (Month and Day) then, enter the Year on the space following “20.”

Step 4 – Report the Street Address and City of the rental property where the Tenant has breached the rental agreement on the blank line preceding “California.”

Step 5 – On the blank space following the words “To Tenant,” enter the Full Name of the Tenant who has violated his/her rental agreement and this document is aimed at.

Step 6 – Next, several facts must be reported in Item 1. Locate Item 1.1, then report the Date of the Lease Agreement that has been violated. On the blank space following the word “at,” report the Street Address and City of the leased property.

Step 7 – In Item 1.2., enter the Full Name of the Tenant who is at the focus of this document and who has signed the lease he or she has violated.

Step 8 – In Item 1.3, report the Full Name of the Landlord who has signed the Lease that has been breached.

Step 9 – In Item 1.4, document how the rental property was referred to in the lease. This designator may be the Name, Title, or Account Number. If there is no such way, you may use the Address of the rental.

Step 10 – Next, in Item 2, you must document the manner in which the tenant has breached the lease agreement. There will be several blank lines provided for this purpose.

Step 11 – In Item 3, you must define the available course of action(s) that will be available to the Tenant. In Item 3.1, report the action the Tenant must take to rectify the situation. That is, if the Tenant would like to stay what actions should he or she take so this will be allowed.

Step 12 – In Item 3.2, report the individual’s Name who the Tenant must return possession of the rental property if he or she does not rectify the situation by taking the actions defined in Item 3.1

Step 13 – At the bottom of this document will be a Signature Area. First, the Landlord or Agent must provide the Date on the spaces labeled “Date.”

Step 14 – On the space labeled “Landlord/Agent,” the Printed Name of either the Landlord or Agent issuing this Notice must Print his or her Name. Then, enter the Department of Real Estate Number issued to this individual (if applicable) on the space labeled “DRE #.”

Step 15 – Next, the Landlord or Agent issuing this Notice must provide his or her Signature on the blank space labeled Signature.

Step 16 – On the blank space labeled “Address,” the Landlord or Agent must document his or her Address.

Step 17 – The next several lines will require a method of Contact to reach the Landlord or Agent issuing this Notice. Report this Contact Information on the blank spaces labeled “Phone,” “Cell” (Cell Phone), “Fax” (Fax Number), and “Email.”

Step 18 – You must make sure this Tenant receives this Notice. It will go into effect upon receipt. You may deliver this Notice personally directly to the Tenant at the Tenant’s residence or place of business. If not, you may post it in a very conspicuous area, such as the Tenant’s door and mail it. You may also present this to someone on the residence that is of age and at your discretion, then mail it to the Tenant. You may also seek to have a professional serve the Tenant. In any case, it is usually highly recommended to use Certified Mail when mailing this document. In a case where the Notice had to be mailed as well as left with a separate party or displayed, the countdown will begin one day after the Notice has been delivered and mailed.