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Updated June 28, 2022

A North Dakota eviction notice is a document used when a landlord seeks to evict a tenant who has failed to abide by the terms of their lease agreement. No matter the nature of the breach, the landlord must provide at least three days’ notice to the tenant to rectify the breach or remove themselves from the premises. If the tenant fails to do either of those things, the landlord may prepare a summons and complaint in the Local District Court which services the area in which the property is located.

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3-Day Notice to Quit ( Non-Payment of Rent & Non-Compliance ) – This document, pursuant to Title 47 Chapter 32 , may be used by any landlord/manager/agent for notifying a lessee of the lessor’s intention to file an eviction for non-payment of rent or any type of non-compliance with their lease agreement.

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30-Day Notice to Quit ( Month-to-Month Tenancy )  – Type of letter that may be used by either the landlord or tenant to quit a tenancy at will. Although the tenant may only have to provide twenty-five days’ notice while the landlord must provide thirty (30) days.

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Table of Contents

Eviction Laws

Court Forms

All Eviction Forms and Instructions – This document contains all of the necessary forms and instructions that a landlord will need to begin an eviction action against a tenant.

Complaint for Eviction – bbin电竞官网官方永久s the reason for the eviction and is filed by the landlord with the local court to begin an eviction case.

Summons – This document must be filed in court and served on the tenant, along with the Complaint. It relays the date of trial and offers the tenant the opportunity to offer their side of the story.

Findings of Fact – Before the trial takes place, the landlord must have this form filed with the court. The court will fill out the form once a judgment has been reached.

Judgment – bbin电竞官网官方永久s the judgment of the court in regard to the eviction case. Must also be filed with the court to be completed following the hearing.

Writ of Eviction – If the tenant refuses to move out after being ordered to do so, this document is needed to have them removed by the sheriff.

When is Rent Due

In North Dakota, rent is due as specified in the lease. If the tenant fails to pay the rent on time, the landlord may serve an eviction notice which would give the tenant three (3) days to pay the rent or face an eviction action.

How to Evict (Process)

Step 1 –  Before going to court to start an eviction process, the landlord must serve an eviction notice on the tenant. The eviction notice must allow three days to rectify the situation. If a landlord seeks to end a month-to-month tenancy, he or she must use a month-to-month form. In both cases, the tenant must be served personally (not by the landlord) or by mail, or by the sheriff. The landlord should retain proof of service because it will be needed in court during the eviction process. The notice forms are as follows:

Step 2 –  If the tenant fails to comply with the notice, the landlord may then proceed to the local district court (where the property is located) to file a Summons and Complaint (see All Eviction Forms and Instructions ). These will have to be served on the tenant also. Again, there will have to be proper service as set forth in Step 1.

Step 3 –  Once the tenant has been served, the landlord will need to gather a copy of the eviction notice, the summons and complaint and proof of service for both. In addition, the landlord will have to prepare Findings of Fact and Judgment. These will have to be filed with the court along with the requisite fee.

Step 4 –  The court will set a hearing date. If the tenant fails to attend and/or judgment is found in favor of the landlord, the court will issue a judgment, which will require the tenant to move out.

Step 5 –  If the tenant continues to remain on the premises, then the landlord will have to seek a Writ of Eviction in order to authorize the removal of the tenant by a sheriff.


How To Write (Notice To Quit)

1 – Acquire a Valid Copy of the Lease

You will need the current Lease between the Landlord and the Tenant or Subtenant the Notice you are providing relates to. All information that is present on this agreement and required by the notice will need to be identically reported.

2 – Find and Download the Required Paperwork

The North Dakota Notice To Quit may be downloaded as a PDF, ODT, or Word file. There will be three buttons by the document image labeled according to the available file type. You may download according to your preference.

3 – Provide the Name of the Addressee

The Full Name of the Addressee or Intended Recipient must be input on the blank line at the top of the first page.

4 – Define Rented Property In the Lease

The Rented Property’s City, County, Zip Code, and Building/Street must be reported in the first statement below the Recipient Name. Make sure this information is the same as on the Lease.

The Signature Date on the Lease Signed by the Lessor and Lessee must be supplied using the blank spaces in the second sentence.

5 – Determine the Subject of Notice

The next area is composed of several statements. You must choose one of these statements to identify the purpose of this Notice. Choose one of the statements provided.

The Nonpayment statement will notify the Recipient(s) that he or she has Three Days to pay an Overdue Amount for a Rental Period the Tenant has neglected or surrender the Leased Property to the Landlord. The Full Name of an Authorized Agent must be supplied in the space following the words “…the undersigned or.” Additionally, choosing this statement will require the Total Dollar Amount owed by the Recipient to be defined in the next two spaces. Finally, the delinquent Rent Payment and the Time Period it covers must be entered as being the minimum requirement for the Tenant to stay.

The Noncompliance statement will notify the Recipient(s) that he or she has three days to amend a Lease Violation or return possession of the Leased Property to the Landlord. Document the violation on the blank line.

The Month To Month Tenancy statement from the Landlord will give the Recipient Thirty Days’ Notice or more to quit the Rented Property being leased on a monthly basis. The last day of the Agreement must be presented on the spaces in this statement.

The Month To Month Tenancy statement from the Tenant will provide Thirty Days’ Notice until the Termination Date of the Monthly Rental Agreement currently in place. The final Date this agreement is active must be reported in this statement after the words “…terminated on…”

6 – Required Landlord Verification

The Signature Line after the Notice bbin电竞官网官方永久ment section, labeled “Landlord/Agent Signature,” must be signed if this document is being issued by a Landlord.

7 – Delivering the Notice

This document must be delivered in a timely fashion to the Recipient. Thus, there must be a level of verification included at the time of Delivery. Only an entity authorized to deliver this Notice may fill out the Certificate of Service bbin电竞官网官方永久ment at the Time of Delivery. The Certification bbin电竞官网官方永久ment will require the Date of Delivery and the Identity of the party who accepted this document personally to be supplied in the blank areas by the Agent of Delivery. This Agent must also select one of the statements at the bottom of this page (defining if the paperwork was delivered first hand, second hand, or with USPS First Class Mail). The delivering entity must then Sign his or her Name on the Signature line.