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Updated August 18, 2022

A Maine eviction notice is a legal document used by landlords to notify a tenant that they are not in compliance with their lease. This is most commonly for late rent but can be for any type of lease violation. If the tenant does not adhere to the claims of the notice, the landlord may file an eviction action.

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7-Day Notice to Quit ( Non-Payment ) – The landlord may use this form of notice to let the tenant know they must pay the full amount of rent within seven days or face eviction proceedings.

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7-Day Notice to Quit ( Non-Compliance ) –  The landlord may use this form to let the tenant know they must cease the breach of the lease terms (other than non-payment of rent) within seven days or face eviction proceedings.

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30-Day Notice to Quit ( Month-to-Month Tenancy ) – This form is for use when a landlord seeks to end a month-to-month tenancy.

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Table of Contents

Eviction Laws

Court Forms

bbin电竞官网官方永久 Instructions (Form CV-100) – Instructions that describe how to file an eviction case in Maine.

Complaint for Forcible Entry and Detainer (CV-007) – If a tenant has broken their lease, the landlord may use this form to petition the court to begin the eviction process.

Request for Issuance of Writ of Possession (CV-195) – Used to request a Writ of Possession when the tenant refuses to leave the landlord’s property after a judgment has been made in the landlord’s favor. The Writ grants the landlord the right to have the tenant physically removed.

Affidavit of Service, Forcible Entry & Detainer (CV-204) – After the tenant has been served a notice of summons, the landlord must file this affidavit which attests that the service has taken place.

Notice of Appeal and Affidavit Forcible Entry & Detainer (CV-206) – Used by tenant to appeal their eviction judgment.

When is Rent Late

In Maine, rent is considered late if it is not paid on the date specified in the lease. A landlord may not start charging a late fee, however, until the rent is fifteen (15) days late ( Title 14 § 6002(1) ). A landlord also must also give seven (7) days’ notice to the tenant before beginning eviction proceedings.

How to Evict (Process)

Step 1 –  Before a landlord can go to court to get a tenant evicted, he or she must provide requisite written notice to the tenant that they are in arrears or are otherwise breaching the lease, or that the tenancy will end at the end of 30 days. The landlord must try at least three times to deliver the notice in person. If that fails, the notice may be mailed. The landlord should keep a copy of the notice and evidence that it was delivered. The notice forms are as follows:

Step 2 –  If the tenant does not respond to the notice to quit, the landlord then may commence a forcible entry and detainer action by filing the Complaint (CV-007)  and  Summons (Form CV-034) which must be obtained from the Clerk’s Office  ($5 fee) and must pay a filing fee of $75.

Step 3 –  The landlord must then take a copy of the Summons and Complaint to the sheriff for service on the tenant. The landlord must provide evidence of service, either from the sheriff, or if the sheriff is unable to serve, then landlord must mail the summons and complaint and file an Affidavit of Service (CV-204)  with the court. The tenant will have to receive the summons at least seven (7) days before the date of the hearing.

Step 4 –  If the tenant fails to appear at the hearing, the court will issue a default judgment and tenant will have to vacate immediately. If the tenant still fails to vacate, the landlord may obtain a Writ of Possession (CV-195)  from the court and have the sheriff remove the tenant.


How To Write (Notice To Quit)

1 – Required Information

All the information required on this form will be located in your records. Normally, all you will need is a valid copy of the Lease and the Maine Notice to Quit (downloadable using the “PDF,” “ODT,” and “Word” buttons).

2 – Recipient, Property, and Lease

This document will begin requiring three pieces of information: Recipient’s Name, Rental Property Location, and Lease Signature Date.

The introduction of this document begins with the word “To.” Report the Name of the Recipient following this word.

The first statement with blank spaces will require the name of the City and County of the Rented Property to be entered in the appropriate areas. There will also be a blank line to report the Zip Code of the Rented Property. The last two spaces will call for the Building Number/Street and Apartment Number of the Rented Property.

The following statement will contain the phrase “…lease agreement signed on…” Fill in the Calendar Day, Month, and Year the Lease reports as the Signature Date on the first, second, and third blank lines.

3 – If Notifying Delinquent Tenants

This area of the document will provide the Notification bbin电竞官网官方永久ment you wish delivered to the Recipient by virtue of this document. If you are simply providing a Date to end a Month to Month Tenancy, skip to the next section which addresses the last two checkboxes. If you are addressing a Delinquent Tenant, then choose one of the following statements by marking the appropriate checkbox.

Select “Nonpayment” if this document must inform a Tenant that he or she will have seven days to remit payment for a Rental Payment that is presently unpaid and overdue or relinquish the Rented Property to the Landlord. This statement will require some information to be entered. The first will be the Name of an Agent authorized to accept the overdue payment in the absence of the undersigned. Next, report the Total Amount the Tenant owes. Finally, locate the bold statement then, report the Dollar Amount and Rental Period the Recipient must pay. Here, the Tenant will be given Seven Days to remit the Overdue Rent or release possession of the Leased Property to the Landlord.

Select “Noncompliant” if this document must inform a Tenant that he or she is in violation of the Lease and is being given Seven Days to effect compliance or return possession of the Rented Property to the Landlord. Enter the actions that are in violation of the Lease terms on the blank line.

4 – If Terminating a Month to Month

If this document’s purpose is strictly to terminate a Month To Month Lease Agreement, then select one of the following statements.

Select the first Month To Month Tenancy statement if you are a Landlord informing a Tenant of the Termination Date to a Month to Month Tenancy, then report the Date of Termination on the blank spaces provided. Note: Thirty Days’ Notice is required.

Select the second Month to Month Tenancy statement if you are a Tenant providing a Landlord a minimum of Thirty Days’ Notice to the Termination Date of the Month to Month Tenancy. You must report this Date on the spaces provided in this statement.

5 – Disclosure of Intent

The Owner or Landlord issuing this Notice must provide his or her Signature on the blank line beneath the Notification Paragraph.

6 – Delivery Agent

The party responsible for delivering this notification must enter the Date of Delivery and the Recipient Name near the bottom of this page. Next, the Agent of Delivery must select one of the checkboxes to demonstrate how this paperwork was Delivered. Delivery to the Intended Recipient or a reliable second party of age (i.e. co-worker or family member) will be indicated by the first or second checkbox (respectively). If the Agent is unsuccessful at a hand delivery, the paperwork will be sent by First Class Mail and the third checkbox must be checked. This form must be Signed by the individual delivering it to the Recipient.