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Updated September 09, 2022

A Washington D.C. last will and testament is a legal document that allows a “testator,” the creator of the will, to outline how they would like their affairs to be managed after death. A will enables a testator to name a guardian to care for their children, to bequeath property, and to name someone they trust to manage the settling of affairs. If a testator dies in the District of Colombia without leaving a last will and testament, the courts will distribute any property to their closest surviving relatives, starting with thier spouse and children. If no relatives can be located, the state will take ownership of any property.

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Signing Requirements

Must be signed by the testator and attested to by at least two credible witnesses. ( § 18–103 )

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A will must be in writing and its testator must be a person who is at least 18 years of age and of sound mind.

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